Welcome to Coffeeweb!

Welcome to the new home of the Coffeeweb! I am really glad that you have found this small place of mine. This marks the 20th year of the Coffeeweb, which started out as a "make a home page introducing yourself" post-graduate class assignment in the spring of 1993. I later posted those four pages to America Online™ so people could find out a bit more about me and my life.

Since those early days, this site has grown and matured - like my kids. This is version 5.0.

The hit counter above reflects the number of people who have viewed a version of this content since Feburary 1995, when a version of a hit counter was started.

People have asked about the name of this site...why "coffeeweb"? The short answer is because I LOVE coffee and so, my first true website was to be called "the Coffeeweb". I have links to my favorite coffee places as well as stories about me and coffee found on this site as well. You will find basically the same content which I had posted on the previous versions. Some of it has been updated since the time I first wrote it back in the 90s and some actually has been spell-checked (*smiling*) and some has better open-domain graphics to go along with the items!!

Much of the content previously found all over the old Tree has been (or will shortly be) consolidated here for consistancy and sharing sake. The popular Leaders' Online ™, EagleTips™ and Financing Scouting mini sites along with the extremely popular Badge and Uniform Site will all be linked from here. Also linked from here will be the old Rose Walton Geos file archives and links to that great series of programs. Finally, I mentioned earlier the links and information about coffee and me and coffee...

Back on my Settummanque home page one will find information about me, how to request that I come to your event or activity, and how to ask me to write a letter for your Eagle Scout, Silver Awardee, or Girl Scout Gold Awardee. There is also information there about where I live and how did I learn so much about Scouting and Geos.

I am being dragged into Web 2.0 kicking and screaming -- I just don't see myself right now with time to spend on MySpace™, FaceBook™ and Twitter™ all of the time. I do, however, have a page with some content on MySpace™ and I have a fan page on Facebook™. I am learning how to use Twitter™ and other Web2.0 tools.

Shortly, I'll have a blog to answer Scouting and military-related questions.

Please look around and give me feedback. There's a contact page above with information on how to reach me electronically as well as in other methods. Again, WELCOME!! :)