(This page was updated on 15 April 2012)

Rose Walton has taken down the EagleTips(tm) pages. They are no longer needed. An archive version of these pages will be made available at the following location:


The Boy Scouts of America had no input in this decision to remove the EagleTips(tm). It was *our decision* to remove them simply because with the release and distribution of the Guide to Advancement, the EagleTips(tm) no longer became relevant.

Why is this set of files no longer needed? Because the BSA, in connection with several dozen volunteers from all over the nation has developed the Guide to Advancement, which answers most if not all of the various questions and issues the EagleTips made possible and has posted this Guide online for your personal download. This will become *the definitive advancement policy guidance* issued by the Boy Scouts of America.

This Guide is available from the BSA's official website located at www.scouting.org/scoutsource/GuideToAdvancement.aspx. It is also available through the U.S. Scouting Service Project, Inc.'s advancement website at http://www.usscouts.org/advancementTOC.asp

Besides, the EagleTips(tm) are more than 10 years old now, and much of the discussion which was captured and printed in 1994-98 has been long "overcome by revisions" to the BSA's Boy Scouting programs. Many of the Scouts-L posters contributed in part or full toward the development and review of the present Guide to Advancement. A separate guide will be published by the USSSP later this year which addresses the design and conduct of the Eagle Scout Court of Honor -- which was why many people took the time and downloaded or purchased the EagleTips(tm) for in the first place.

Because many people do use the Internet for research however, the files will continue to be online -- just not in an "active" directory but still accessable to those wanting to do research or just see how far the BSA has come with it's Boy Scouting program.

Full migration to the archive site listed above will be accomphished by the end of April, 2012.

On behalf of Rose Walton, I thank you for downloading and/or purchasing the EagleTips(tm) and we wish you much success as you "raise an Eagle" and see him fly to new heights!


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