Contacting me

Here is how you can contact me. Please keep in mind three elements:

I am living in a sling-shot fashion presently. I live in a hotel room near Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio where I work; I also live under the extremely good graces of Liz and her wonderful family in South Lake Minnetonka, Minnesota and have been doing so for a very long time, off and on; and I stay as much as I can with my brothers at the "Homestead" (my parents' former home) near Radcliff, Kentucky. This just means that I can't entertain you in my home office right now.

Liz's family and my own communications issues constrans me. Please limit your voice calls to between 4-9pm Central Time weekdays/Saturdays and between 3-9pm on Sundays. That is the BEST TIME to reach me via voice.

I live for the most part within the EASTERN TIME ZONE (-6 from GMT). For those on the west coast, I am THREE hours AHEAD of you. Those of you in Europe or Africa, I am SEVEN hours BEHIND you.

Keeping those parameters in mind, here's how BEST to reach me.


Electronic mail is the BEST METHOD of reaching me. You may reach me at one of the following email addresses:

(ATTENTION SPAM BOTS AND SPAMMERS: There's a $50 US bounty on each "spammed email" you send to any of the below email addresses payable to my retained attorney on EVERY SPAM EMAIL YOU SENT TO THESE ADDRESSES. I forward spammed mail to him and do not act or respond to it. He's making a LOT of money for himself -- I don't get a dime. For more information, pay attention to this important information)

Primary: (note the spelling of "Micheal")


I check all of the primary accounts on a daily basis; I check the secondary accounts on a regular basis (perhaps not daily but enough on a regular basis).

You are free to also send me email via Facebook® or LinkedIn® and via my blog at


I am a big user of Skype® and you should try it as well! You can call and leave me a message by calling my computer at 612-284-4478. Remember the time frame above in which you can reach me.

Additionally, you can call or fax me information by calling/faxing tollfree at 877-278-0159, courtsey of which provides personalized information management services (I've been a customer of theirs since 1997 and recommend their suite of products to anyone!)
(please leave a message for Mike Walton; please leave note or cover page for Mike Walton)

US Postal Service (USPS) Mail:

Mike Walton
4737 County Road 101 #150
Minnetonka, Minnesota 55345-2634

Contacting me at work: (please use this address until I have been fully in-processed at AFMC)

Mike Walton
Deputy/Operations Chief, Public Affairs
Arnold Engineering Development Complex (AEDC)
100 Kindel Street, Suite A-242
Arnold Air Force Base, TN 37389
931-454-3889 (office) 312-340-3889 (DSN)
651-434-3633 (cell/vmail) 877-278-0159 (fax/vmail)