A look at how to raise money for Scouting...and how to make the most of what you do get!
Told and explained by volunteer Scouters for volunteer Scouters and their Scouts!

Raising it:

Helping the Council Raise it:

A look at how to get money to further your education -- in and out of Scouting!!
And information on how to give money to further Scouting in America!
Told and explained by volunteer Scouters for volunteer Scouters and their Scouts!

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And Now, the small print:

This electronic publication is NOT approved, sanctioned, nor reviewed by the Boy Scouts of America, and therefore should NOT be considered an official publication of that organization. Where possible, the contents of this publication has been reviewed with a number of field professionals and volunteers as well as the BSA's official guides to fundraising and financial management to insure consistancy with current National policy and guidance. This guide was produced with the sole purpose of providing Scouting adults and youth leaders a way to visually review BSA money management policies as well as to view sources of financial aid for individual Scouts or Scouters to participate in post-secondary education, additional Scouting opportunities, and events. This publication reflects the consoldated opinions of Scouters from the Scouts-L youth programs electronic mailing list, and has been supplemented by photographs and line drawings illustrating current or past BSA national and local Council policies, procedures and forms, as well as links to other resources outside those of Scouting. Copying of any page for local usage is permitted, as long as authorship and copyright is documented by usage of the following statement: "Obtained from Leaders' Online (http://users.aol.com/coffeeweb/LO/lo-home.htm) and the Scouts-L Youth Programs mailing discussion list (listowner: Jon Eidson [Eidson@tcu.edu] ) and used with consent."

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