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Mike Walton

Mike Walton

Writer...speaker...Scouter...friend (Updated 31 August 2014)

Mike Walton (known online as "Settummanque, the blackeagle") is a longtime Scouting participant, volunteer, cheerleader, and public speaker in great demand. He is the author of several Scouting-related books ("Patches and Pins", "Eagle Feathers","Settawho?", “Hope This Helps!”), several collections of short stories and essays ("Stories I Heard on the Internet..."," "Buttercup Barbie" and other Stories"); articles appearing in national and regional youth program publications; and four working novels ("Wreathless", "Urban Legend", "Kid Zero" and "The Scoutmasters"). Blending his experiences as the ultimate coffee drinker, parent, traveler, sucker for a garage or flea market, retired Army officer and volunteer Scouter -- Mike has a lot of experiences to base many dozens of stories upon!

He applies what he was taught as early as middle school that writing is more than telling a story; it is telling a story from a point of view and illustrating in words why that point of view is important to share. His characters are taken from his life and those of others he came in contact with over a 50 year period: old girlfriends, family members, workmates and supervisors. Rather than "telling on them" he instead shares how their lives intersected with his own, with mainly positive results.

Mike Walton is the recipient of many accolades and was honored recently as an "Outstanding Eagle Scout" by the BSA's National Eagle Scout Association. He is a member of the HTML Guild, and life member of several other organizations and groups. He also received the U.S. Army's Legion of Merit and Bronze Star medals, along with four Meritorious Service Medals representing a 30-plus career. He works for the Air Force as a public affairs operations chief at its leading research and development facility in south-central Tennessee.

(last updated 1 September 2014)

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