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Published Short Stories and Articles

Mike and the Bedtime Book

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Mike and the Bedtime Book is one of my favorite short stories. For inspiration, I used my 3x5 plain index cards used as "crutches" when I speak publically. Very little information, if any, are contained on those cards. This short story is part of the "Prompt Me!" collection of short stories used for the 2014 National Novel Writing Month "competition".

"Scout Magician"

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I liked sharing the "Scout Magician" story. As a Boy Scout, one of my favorite leadership roles was that of serving as a Den Chief to a group of Cub Scouts. I had to learn some silly songs, work on some stunts and yes, do a bit of magic to attract and retain their attention while Connie Zuniga, their Den Leader, was putting together the next thing for them to work on. Substitute "dinner" for "Cub Scouts" and what I did that evening was just the same. This short story is part of the "Prompt Me!" collection of short stories used for the 2014 National Novel Writing Month "competition".

"Is This a Formal Occassion, Sir?"

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"Is This a Formal Occassion, Sir?" was written so I could prove to a Brigade Commander that indeed I could write. It did help to convince him to approve my transfer from the Signal Corps -- which I enjoyed being a part of -- to the Public Affairs Corps -- where I belong and fate has beared out that I do belong there. It is a true story -- I don't know where those pink pearls are now, but my daughter loved them until they proved to be too dangerous to have around. They went away to the community's Thrift Shop, where "Bear" -- a stuffed bear the same size as my daughter then -- became a part of our family.

Pancakes and Peaches

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I share Pancakes and Peaches -- the story and the meal -- each Thanksgiving. It is one of my favorite memories of my first marriage to the former Mildred Vires. The story captured what I am sure many families experience when the cupboard is bare and the hunger pains start in and with it doubts and fears. This short story is part of my first writing attempt, "Patches and Pins..." which will be available for purchase in the spring of 2015 via Lulu.

"He applies what he was taught as early as middle school that writing is more than telling a story; it is telling a story from a point of view and illustrating in words why that point of view is important to share. His characters are taken from his life and those of others he came in contact with over a 50 year period: old girlfriends, family members, workmates and supervisors. Rather than "telling on them" he instead shares how their lives intersected with his own, with mainly positive results."

Mike Walton is the recipient of many accolades and was honored recently as an "Outstanding Eagle Scout" by the BSA's National Eagle Scout Association. He is a member of the HTML Guild, and life member of several other organizations and groups. He also received the U.S. Army's Legion of Merit and Bronze Star medals, along with four Meritorious Service Medals representing a 30-plus career. He works for the Air Force as a public affairs operations chief at its leading research and development facility in south-central Tennessee.

(last updated 25 October 2014)

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