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Training/Teaching Online Resources

This page will link to areas which can be used to support teaching/coaching of volunteer leaders and others. These areas include Commissioner support to volunteers, training support, and just "neat stuff" that would liven up any kind of volunteer training program.

The MacScouter:
Gary Hendra (and his wife Kyna) has put together one of the oldest, if not the oldest, Scouting reference site on the World Wide Web. It gets its name because the files and website was created using Gary's favorite platform, the (Apple) Macintoish. The site has received loads of national and international awards for its format, content and especially design. It is easy to navigate and easy to use. Check out the fonts and is a lot easier to use the Hendra's site than it is to use many of the other places where Scouting clipart can be found. Also, check out the reflection and personal commentary areas of their site. New Webmasters wanting to see "how can it be done effectively" need to stop here first, spend an afternoon looking at the MacScouter's site, and take lots of notes!

The NetCommish:
Mike Bowman is well-known in the Internet community as "Professor Beaver" and as the "Net Commish" (Commissioner). His great site and pages makes for interesting reading and implementation. A longtime Scouter from the National Capitol Area Council (Washington, DC), Mike brings a bit of formality (he's a lawyer) as well as a lot of common-sense approaches to serving as a volunteer commissioner as well as a supervisory Commissioner. His site is well-developed and offers a lot of resources. Need help serving as a new Commissioner?? This should be your FIRST stop!
James' Scout Site:
James Fleming is a volunteer Scouter and has spent a lot of time developing his site. A lot of the information can be found here on Leaders' Online (tm) and other locations, but he bundles it together into a easy-to-find while sparce resource. He has NO CLIPART on his site; he explains that Scouting clipart is plentiful and available elsewhere. But what he does have is a lot of text information dealing with common Scouting topics and subjects.
As you can see here, there's not much here, but come back often as this page matured with more information on how to make your training program the best!

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